5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood

12:20 PM
In this modern age where people constantly feel stressed either by work deadlines or life's demands, we often forget that there are natural ways to cope up and boost our moods. Here are five tips, in no particular order,  that you can do to calm yourself whenever your stress level is soaring high:
1. Listen to good music. Nothing beats a good music to calm whatever raging emotion you have in your heart. Music has been used since the old days to manage patients with mood disorders. Whether you want to listen to acoustic guitars or an alto sax, your mood would surely change in no time. If you're up for it, you may even sing your heart out with an upbeat music!

2. Flip through old photos. There are times in our lives that we miss doing the things we used to do, either with our family or our friends. Flipping through photo albums brings back the happiness we once felt in those captured moments; thus, enhancing our mood.

3. Exercise! Believe it or not, exercise stimulates the release of happy hormones. The effect is much more evident if you do your exercise outdoor. Have a good run around the park or do some aerobic exercises with your friends. The more you exercise, the lighter you'll feel. You'd be ready to face everyday with a good mood before you even know it.

4. Go back to that old hobby of yours. Grown ups tend to lose time for themselves. They always set aside doing things that make them happy. It's about time that we pick up our books and let our mind wander in some fictional place, or turn that TV on and watch a movie or two. It's important that we give ourselves time to relax for a while. Let your mind and body sink in a happy place where stress is just a word.

5. Tap your spiritual side. No matter what religion you are in, seeking inner peace and guidance from "God" helps lighten up your mood. Talking to Someone who listens without passing judgement enables us to express ourselves well. In addition, faith is something that lifts our spirits up. It makes us feel that we are part of something bigger than us.

Disclaimer: These tips are based on the writer's personal experience and opinion. It does not mean to substitute professional help from doctors. If your stress level cannot be managed by simple activities, it is best to make that trip to your trusted physician.

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