Even Dogs Deserve the Best Health They Can Have

3:09 PM
When I first got a dog, all I think then was how she could make me happy every time I get home from work; how she would sit by my lap and give me puppy kisses all over my face, how she would cheer me up by just being there. Never did it occur to me that she'll get sick too...and eventually leave me heartbroken. It's almost two years now and I could still feel the pain of losing my little ball of energy.

Few months after she flew to heaven, I got another dog. Then another one few months ago. I am now extra sensitive whenever they're not feeling well or something in them seem odd. I regularly bring them to their veterinarian so I can make sure that nothing is wrong, or, if something is, I give the best healthcare they can get.

I am hoping that my dogs would grow up healthy, happy and pain-free. I am sure you are praying the same for yours. But here's one painful truth to all of it---they too will get old. Like people, they might develop age-related diseases such as arthritis and other joint-related issues. When that happens, we should give them painkillers or other medications they need to survive. But of course, before making any action, the first step is to always consult your veterinarian.

You see, I am more than willing to spend for my dogs. Because like us, they deserve to be treated when sick.  They are not just pets, after all. :)

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