Measles-Rubella, Oral Polio Vaccine Campaign Extended Until October 10

11:11 AM
The Department of Health announced last week that they are extending the MR-OPV campaign until October 10. They also urged the parents of those children who have not yet been vaccinated to coordinate with the nearest health centers.

In a press release they posted on October 2, we are quoting Secretary Enrique Ona's message:

“We are appealing to these mothers to give priority to vaccination. Nakamamatay kapag kulang ang bakuna. Magtulungan tayo upang protektahan ang buong sambayanang Pilipino. There are still pockets of areas where there are children who have not yet been vaccinated, therefore, we are urging the mothers and caregivers of these to have them vaccinated at the nearest health center even as we conduct mop up vaccinations.”

Even these days, there are parents who are hesitant in having their children vaccinated. One common reason they give is that, their child will get hurt or might develop a fever. Little did they know that their child might face worse consequences if he/she develops the disease that could have been prevented if he/she received the vaccines.

Nurses under the Nurse Deployment Project looking for missed children on MR-OPV Supplemental Immunization Campaign

So if you have a relative or a neighbor whose child is not yet vaccinated, urge them to go to the nearest health centers until October 10. Let us all work together in preventing another measles outbreak and keep the Philippines polio free!

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