Little Drummer Boy

10:25 PM
How are you readers? It's been a while, yeah? I know this post is not-so-related with my blog but let me write it anyway. It wouldn't hurt if I would tell you things that are not beauty nor health related, would it?

I came home this afternoon with my brother playing the guitar in our terrace. An old memory suddenly flashed in my head that I actually thought of writing it down. 

My brother is such a music lover. When he was younger, he fancied ringo drums and he never got tired of playing his improvised one. I even suggested to our mom to buy him 'real' ones because maybe, just maybe, it's his destiny to be in a band or something.

I don't know why he stopped playing drums and studied guitars instead. Perhaps the saying that "nobody ever grows up quite like they planned to" holds true. But in our hearts, my brother will always be that little drummer boy who made everyone smile with his great sounds, no matter what happens. :)

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