Shopping Experience with Ebay

9:18 PM
I used to be skeptic buying things from Ebay because I wasn't so sure how safe it is to purchase items through their site. I've been shopping online for the longest time (okay, just a few years) but it is only until last month when I finally decided to try Ebay and see for myself how it would go.

I've been so eager to try out a BB Cream from Skin 79 but hadn't have any chance to buy because it's hard to find an online seller of the said product. I just read from a blog about this Ebay Shop called "CosmeticMarket2012" that sells authentic Korean products. The seller is based in South Korea. It has positive reviews from buyers so I was convinced to pursue a transaction. :p

This was my first ever international purchase so I felt happy when the post office texted me that a package had arrived. I paid 60php when I claimed it.

The transaction I had was fast and super easy. I just signed up at Ebay, clicked the "Buy" button then paid via Paypal. I waited for around less than two weeks for the product to arrive. 

The above BB miniature set came with three other free product samples. I wasn't able to take a picture because I gave them away already. By the way, the parcel was shipped to me for free so it's a huge plus. :)

I haven't tried these babies yet but I'll surely update you once I do! I'm thinking of purchasing other items from "CosmeticMarket2012" maybe in the next few weeks. #excitedmuch :)

Have you tried shopping at Ebay too? Share your trusted Ebay sellers in the comment box below!

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  1. I've been shopping on for years. So far all good transactions, you just really have to be sure of the seller by way of their feedback rating. There are actually a lot of legit sellers selling Skin79 on the local eBay. :)

    1. Thanks for the tips! I'm quite at ease with Ebay now and I might buy more items through their site soon. :)