Dermatological Procedures: About Micro-Needling

6:54 PM
While nobody seems to have discovered the fountain of youth, technology keeps advancing in such a way as to give women hope of obtaining eternal beauty. There’s liposuction, various plastic surgery options, topical creams, and laser surgery. One other recent development that could help is called micro-needling. Continue reading for more information about this procedure. 

What Is It?

Another name for this process is collagen induction therapy, or CIT. It is meant to take care of all of those flaws that you’re not happy with like fine lines and scars, as well as the general tone of your skin. Knowing that collagen production is related to the youthfulness of your skin should explain how this process works. Tiny needles are poked into your skin, causing slight injury. Your skin then attempts to repair these injuries, and uses collagen to create a thicker layer. This makes fine lines or wrinkles less apparent. 

How Is It Done?

You probably gathered that you will not want to try this procedure on your own. Professionals will conduct it for you. The tip is sterile, and it has 12 of these small needles attached to a pen. The aesthetician will apply a gel to your skin, and the needles will go in at a depth that is unique to your goals. The deeper the lines or scars, the deeper the needles will have to go. The professional will glide the pen over your skin in a smooth motion. The gel helps to relieve the pain.

Other Information

This procedure can be done on the face, neck, hands, abdomen, and many other areas of the body. There is slight pain associated with this process, as it is compared to light sandpaper. The extent of the pain depends mainly on the sensitivity of your skin or the area being treated. One procedure can take up to a half hour, and the recovery time depends on the person and procedure, but you can expect two to four days of redness. If you’re considering getting the micro-needling procedure, you probably have many more questions. It would be best to ask a local professional for more information.

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