Avoid Injuries and Recover from Soreness

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If you’ve been into Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, CrossFit, or any other fitness routine for long, you know all about rolling out your muscles. You can use rollers to help you get into better positions by improving flexibility. Better mobility leads to better positions, which leads to better technique. By now you’ve hopefully learned that technique is much more important than the amount of weight on your bar. Technique is also more important than being able to perform high reps of kipping pull-ups and kipping handstand push-ups. Without the technique and strength to move your weights or your body safely through strict motions, you will inevitably end up with a nasty injury.

There Are No Shortcuts to Success

Training is a long and difficult road. There are many paths that shoot off to the sides that look like tempting shortcuts. All of them lead to injury. You’ve got to walk before you run and you’ve got to have a good handle on strict pull-ups and handstand push-ups before you start kipping out massively high reps. Rolling out, or self myofascial release is not intended to prevent or treat injuries caused by poor technique. It is meant to help athletes recover from the regular stiffness and soreness that comes from training. Not all muscle rollers are created equal. Websites like have more information on the best in self myofascial release technology.

Emphasize Technique and Focus on Recovery

Many people would rather muscle through heavier weights with sloppy technique than learn how to move properly. Smart and serious athletes know the importance of technique. They show up to train every day with no set numbers in their mind biasing their decisions. Their sole purpose is to learn and grow. Becoming a better athlete is only achievable by traveling a long and difficult road. You’ve got to put your focus solely on improving technique. Leave your ego behind and learn to move correctly. This way you will avoid injuries. You can teach yourself how to lift and move or you can find a good coach. Either way you’re going to be stiff and sore constantly. Thankfully, there are self myofascial release tools to help you recover and come back strong for your next session. Check out sites like for more information.

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