Second Human Heart Nature Purchase

1:49 PM
In an attempt to switch the products I use for my body to natural ones, I bought a few more products from Human Heart Nature's online store. As usual, service is fast and hassle free! :) My order was delivered by Mr. LBC in very good condition! ♡

Human Nature products.

This purchase actually happened few weeks ago and as of this writing, I already used up the lotion and face powder refill. Haha. Yeah, I'm such a lazy blogger the past few days. :p But, it's never too late to show you these, ayt?

100% Natural Mineral Powder (refill)

Human ♥ Nature Balancing Facial Wash and Healthy Lotion.

100% Natural Mineral Blush

I really love Human ♥ Nature's products. The team does not stop in creating new ones and in improving their previous works in order to satisfy their customer's needs. Their service is reliable, products are affordable and most of all, environment friendly!

Okay, this is just a quick haul posted using my phone. 'Till next time! Tell me, are you a Human ♥ Nature fan too? :)

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  1. as of now, the only Human Nature product I use is their sun flower oil.. before, we tried their shampoo for the kids but I am not happy with the way it smelled on my kids' hair