My January Saladbox

4:26 PM
What is a SaladboxSimply put, Saladbox is a mystery box full of beauty products. You'll never know what you're going to get each month until the box arrives at your doorstep! There are five My Saladbox plans namely: monthly recurring, six-month prepaid, one-year prepaid, Saladbox Lite and Saladbox starter. There are plenty of options on how to pay for your Saladbox. Yes, the box is not for free unlike the products over at SampleRoom. But, the good thing is, the products inside the box are handpicked by them based on your beauty profile.

I ordered my first box, Saladbox Lite, around January 3 and paid via paypal as it is more convenient to me. Few days passed but they did not send any updates and I had to log on to their site every now and then just to check if there are any progress or changes in the status of my order. When I couldn't contain it any longer, around January 8, I shoot them an email and here's what they replied:
Hey Lilibeth! 
SaladBoxes are set to be shipped around the 21st of every month! So expect yours week after next! :) Have a great day ahead! 
SaladBox Team
I admit that I didn't read everything on their site before I placed my order and I happen to miss the part that they ship the boxes every 21st of the month. I thought it will just take 5working days. haha.  I could have been less paranoid if they at least sent me a notification of receipt of my order or update of some sort. Just saying. :)

Anyway, the box arrived last week and I was so excited to see what the contents were. Here they are:

Box's Contents:

Ysabel's Daughter Revitalizing Facial Serum | 30ml | PhP 960.00
Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Mask | 23g | PhP 150.00
Missha Oil Control Paper | 1pack | PhP 150.00
Virginia Olsen Minerals Mineral Eye Shadow | 2g each | PhP 150.00 each
Virginia Olsen Minerals Mineral Blush | 2g | PhP 280.00
Gift Certs.

When I opened the box, I was really surprised. lol. I haven't used any of these products before. But, somehow, that is the essence of subscribing to a mystery box---to be surprised (!) and try out new products. Too bad that the gift certificates won't be of any use to me because I live in the far far away land.

I'll let you know what I think of these products after I tried them out! Overall, I like this January Saladbox. I am just quite unsure if I would subscribe for the next box or I'll try other boxes.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Unsolicited suggestion: Would be better if they'll send updates via e-mail.

That's all. Thank you, Saladbox!

**This is not a sponsored post.**

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  1. nice to know if what's in the mystery box!! would love to have the facemask and the serum too! xx

  2. I thought to would be a box of salad =).
    Nice beauty products that is for you to enjoy.

  3. I hope there will be a counterpart surprise box for the guys as well.. :D

  4. I'm sure the products in your surprise box would come in handy.

  5. These beauty boxes are great for people like me who does not know which beauty product to buy when beset with so many brands and items in stores. Salespeople often approach me and pitch their own products, only making me even more confused. I have tried purchasing one month's worth of Saladbox goodies and was happy of my loot. :)

  6. wow.. I think this would definitely be cool for reviews since you get lots of new stuffs..

  7. first time to read about saladbox.. hehe

  8. I already signed up to Saladbox but I really havent browse through it. haha! You got me excited. Will try this now.

  9. How much do you pay for a salad box? they looks great.

  10. Though my wife likes surprises, she's the type of person who wants to make sure that she knows what to put in her face and body.

  11. Salad Box, hmmm, I first think of veggies anyway, I think that box of beauty products will really make every woman happy. =)

  12. I thought Saladbox is a container full of Salad hehe. Learned a new thing or term here that is pretty useful around the fashion community!

  13. Akala ko, fruit salad box. LOL. Nice stuff inside your box. Sana there is a similar Saladbox for boys.

  14. I thought it food and I laughed until finally finished reading your post and I love to try salad box but I don't know any of the product at your box. lol.

  15. lovely surprise! one company also emailed me for a trial next month its called vanity trove. I am kinda nervous about it because i am not into make ups or something beauty at all so i guess I'll be surprised too! xx