First IZEA Media Redeem

3:55 PM
It's been quite some time since I participated in IZEA Media's (under SocialSpark) blog display advertising network. If you are already in SocialSpark, I suggest you also try this other opportunity to monetize your blog. Being approved is quite hard if you are new to blogging and don't have an adequate amount of readers yet. Here are some of the qualifications, just in case you're interested:

  • Have Google Analytics installed.
  • Blog must have a minimum of 2,000 pageviews for the previous month.
  • Have at least 51% of your traffic come from the US. (based on Google Analytics)

You may choose from three ads sizes that you want to display on your blog: 300×250, 160×600 or 728×90 pixels. You have to place the ads "above the fold", meaning, the ads should be seen right away (I placed mine above the header) when visitors come to your site. I put the ads on my other blog, btw.

Earnings can be tracked inside SocialSpark and the payment is credited there too every fifteenth day of the month for all campaigns that ended atleast 45days earlier. Higher traffic means higher income, as I've noticed. :p This is a good alternative to Google Adsense.

Speaking of Adsense, IZEA Media uses the same platform Google uses. One IZEA ad unit is counted as one Adsense ad unit. Be sure to follow the guidelines in putting ads, if you're using both.

Anyway, last week, I already redeemed my not-so-high earnings because I needed funds for my Paypal account. Yes, earnings can be cashed out to your Paypal! Nice, ey? :)

There is a 200 points fee for every transactions less than 5,000 points though. It is okay for me because, seriously, it would take years before I can achieve those points! They are so nice to have thought of allowing you to cash your points out even if it's just a small amount.

Are you on IZEA Media too? How's your experience so far? If you haven't signed up yet, you may do so here: Set up your account via SocialSpark Registration.

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  1. Hi do you have still izea ad code? nag-aalangan kasi ako pagsabayin ang izea at adsense pero according to your post it is okay...

    1. Hi. I removed IZEA ad code already. Ambagal kasi nya magload. :)

      In my experience, okay naman sila pagsabayin.. di naman nagkaproblem Adsense ko po. :)

    2. Thanks. Pawala na rin naman ang Social Spark this coming Oct. Ititira na lang nila yung Kaso wala naman silag ad code dun puro opps lang :)