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4:30 PM
Few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from LookChem asking if I want to become their blog partner. I would just have to put their banner or text link on my blog's sidebar, and in exchange, they would send me a beautiful gift. That was the first time that an advertiser directly contacted me so I was so excited that I said yes! Plus, I've also seen their advert from other bloggers already. We negotiated for awhile about which gift I want and how long the banner/text link would be up on my blog. I actually offered two of my blogs because I wanted to get two gifts from them! *wink*

About LookChem

LookChem is a place for you to look for chemicals! Their mission is to bring more businesses to their clients and help them prosper. They also offer free access to comprehensive and professional database of chemicals. Their headquarter is in Hangzhou, the China's Capital City of E-commerce.

The Gifts

Going back to the gifts, they already arrived a few days ago, straight into my doorstep! I didn't have to go through the hassle of claiming it from the post office (unlike the other international sponsors wherein the package needs to be claimed from the post office), which is so good by the way. Here is a photo for you to see what they sent me:

A card holder (top left), porcelain pen and bookmark suit (top right). Nice, ey? :)

These are just simple gifts, yes, but I like their designs! The bookmark suit is perfect for me as I love reading books these days! My mother wants to have the card holder and, of course, without any second thoughts, I'll give it to her. :) 

Do you want to have something like these gifts too? If so, just send LookChem an e-mail! Their customer service is so nice and they would answer your questions in a timely manner.

Thank you LookChem! :)

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