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Hello nurses. This is my first post on this blog. I decided to make a blog where I can compile all nursing related stuffs that will come my way; be it personal experience, work-related, articles, news, current events and the likes. I have two other personal blogs too [you'll find them HERE & HERE] so bear with me if I wouldn't be able to update this so often.

By the way, you may call me Lily. I am a twenty something Filipina registered nurse and is currently making a way to earn thru alternative means. We all do know how difficult it is to find a job when you are a nurse here in the Philippines, don't we? It's either you go on trainings or work in a call center [which isn't bad anyway]. However, I'm done with my trainings and I already had months of working as a VOLUNTEER. I did finish my one-year contract with RNheals too and I got nowhere to go for now, hence this blog.

I have learned that there is money in blogging and I'm already close to achieving it. On my first blog, I have earnings already but haven't been able to cash them out because they haven't reached the minimum cash-out value yet. Here are the screenshots:
Earnings at Google Adsense :)
Earnings at Nuffnang :)

I'll share with you a few tips I've learned in blogging so you can get started.
  • First, create a blog. You may use wordpress, blogspot or any blogging platform you want. I started with a personal blog because I have no idea before what to blog about. The closest I have then were my own experiences in life. It's easier that way.
  • Next, create posts that interest/attract readers. It is hard at first but you'll get a grip of it as time passes by. Visit other blogs, leave comments and invite them to visit yours too. You will build audience by doing that.
  • Submit your blog to linking sites. This will help make your blog popular. Search engines will also notice your blog if you have a lot of backlinks. {Backlinks: links from other sites that redirect to your blog.}
  • When you already have enough number of traffic[visitors], you may apply to sites that offer paid advertisements. The most popular is google adsense. Though it has a lot of requirements before your blog is approved, it will be worth your patience. Just follow their requirements and once approved, you will earn by displaying ads on your blog. Other legit sites are Nuffnang and Chitika. Review their policies first before putting ads on your blog.
  • You may also earn by making product reviews. There are a lot of legitimate sites that offer $$ per review. Some that I know are SocialSpark, Factoidz and Blogsvertise.
  • There are also paid links that you may put on your blog and you'll earn half of your site's worth in their market. One that I know is Linkvehicle.
These are only few tips I can give for now. There's still a lot to learn. It really takes a lot of patience, effort and knowledge to put up a worthy blog. When you decided to have one, just keep on posting and build readership. 

Follow this blog, subscribe or bookmark this if you want to learn more about ways to earn online. Leave comments below for querries or suggestions. I'd love to read feedbacks! Remember, I created this blog for nurses like me who can't find a job for the moment. Let's exchange ideas! :)

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  1. Agree! I'm also a registered nurse and using the blog as alternative source of Income.You can check my site just Keep it Up! blogging is patient you cannot earn big in one day it take time ,soon you will see the good result...Good Luck:-)

    1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my site! I'm quite busy these days but I'm trying to *be serious* now! haha. Godbless fellow nurse! :)